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Chastity Heyward 


I’m Chastity Heyward, an experienced business coach specializing in helping executives, managers and professionals make the best of their career, business, or leadership position. I hold a Master's degree in leadership, a Bachelor's degree in organizational management and currently in school for my Doctoral Degree in Leadership. I am the franchise owner for Sylvian Learning Center in California and have increased its growth since ownership. My burning passion for leadership and entrepreneurship has led to my involvement in a wide range of entrepreneurial ventures.

I have a solid expertise in executive, leadership, and team coaching, mentoring program development as well as group coaching. I care about my clients and the success of their businesses which is why I give them the right knowledge and tools to put theory into practice, teaching them how to navigate through the business world with the necessary skills to discern and diagnose what their business requires to move to the next level.

I walk business owners through their issues in the most effective way possible. I understand that every business owner nurtures the dream of playing a major role in a particular industry, but only a few know how to make the move that will position them to meet their short and long-term business goals. My job is to help clients understand the industry they wish to delve into and help them identify the appropriate steps to get them there.

I focus on moving entrepreneurs and executives from traditional ways of thinking by proffering solutions aimed at reforming behaviors and fostering business growth. As an experienced business owner and executive, my clients enjoy a plethora of business knowledge that motivate, educate, and inspire them to achieve a higher level of success.

I aim to provide effective business coaching solutions that are specifically geared towards providing clients with an insightful look into making life-changing decisions, business growth and development. I aim to align leaders to the vision and future of their businesses and organization and support them in the execution of key strategies and tactics on how they can move their businesses forward. I equally help my clients build capabilities to transform culture. My aim is to help my clients reach their full potentials.

I partner with my clients to clarify their value and the purpose of their business and to effectively balance these across all aspects of their entrepreneurial life. I have the resources culled from long years of business experience that leaders and business owners can tap from and be enlightened on how to hone their business skills, improve their performance capabilities, and find the clarity needed to reach their desired goals faster. I am committed and dedicated to providing excellent business coaching and ensuring the personal and professional growth of my clients.

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Geneva Freeman 

The Capital Queen
I help businesses finance their dreams!!


I am a Business Financial Literacy Coach and have over 20 Years of experience as a high ranking executive in the Business and Commercial banking industry. I have helped over 650 business owners gain access to capital, grow to multimillion dollar revenues and fulfill their financial dreams. 

I know what it means to start from scratch and start over! After the 2008 recession I found myself with over 6 figures of credit card debt, in foreclosure and barely holding onto my job in the financial industry. After rebounding from wrecked credit, loosing almost everything and being forced to start over I began connecting with friends and family members showing them how I recovered. My passion to help led me to reach out to business owners I knew and teach them how to start, recover and rebuild their credit while scaling to become multimillion dollar companies. I educate them on the purpose of credit, how to use it as fuel rather then debt and how to acquire assets rather then liabilities. 

Whether its additional working capital for expansion, partner buyouts, funds to acquire another business or the purchase of a new commercial building my expertise will help you to accomplish your goal. Its important that my clients understand all lenders are not created equal. My team will serve as a guide to you and your advisors on the journey to successfully securing capital. 

I am a director on the board of the National Association for Women Business Owners Inland Empire. I am co-founder of Healing Hope for Humanity a non-profit organization that assists homeless and disadvantage individuals. I am a Director & the Finance Chair on the board of Habitat for Humanity San Bernardino and one of three co-founders of CGC Business Lounge an educational platform for business owners. 

I am the co-author of Kingdomprenuership in the Marketplace; a book focused on uncovering your call to successfully create the business of your dreams. I have also written several Business finance articles for the Press Enterprise and the Inland Empire Business Journal.

My goal is for you to be Enlightened, Empowered and Prepared. You will have confidence in your companies ability to manage cash flow, increase your bottom line and pursue new capital opportunities.




Christyna Giles Washington 


Vision rises and falls on Leadership.. as a transitional coach, and serial entrepreneur Christyna I embody the true meaning of  “leading from the back” bringing to life my tag line “one conversation will change your life” because it will.


After the loss of my mother, I learned first hand the lesson of wealth preservation and transfer, after a devastating divorce I learned the truth of having what I speak on in a tongue-in-cheek way  on stages when I speak about,  “Double D’s everyone wants them but not all can carry them”  I had to survive Death and Divorce while raising two elementary aged children, in the infancy of my entrepreneurial journey.


I am a preservation and transfer specialist in the Finance world and a Transitional Coach in the lives of many women.


In my almost 30 year career assisting individuals and companies learn the difference between money vs capital, rich vs wealth and how to properly protect and transfer it all, I have found the hardest people hit with lack of understanding are entrepreneurs!



As a founding member of CGC Business Lounge I bring knowledge and experience  from the start up to scale and sale; As a owner myself my  nsiders view of how to avoid the simply being in business just to pay yourself and your bills, to actually Keeping and transferring is my sweet spot.


I am a board of advisors member of Grades of Green an international organization focused on teaching youth recycling and sustainability,  a board member of NCNW, Los Angeles chapter and a board member of NAWBO- Inland Empire.

I am also a partner in the firm CentsAble Inc. a Los Angeles based Financial services company specializing in Tax Mitigation, Real Estate portfolios, Wealth Preservation and Transfer.

I am an author of the Journey Journal titled, “A brick road to a Comeback”, and consult and mentor individuals and executive woman READY to make a comeback in their lives and careers.


You won’t find me out on social media to much for I’m to busy helping others live their best lives and keep what they’ve worked so hard for by understanding the truth about wealth that it really is about what you KEEP and not what you make!!!!

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